Demand Response in Action: Customer Success Stories

Do you think of buildings or operations as a revenue-generating asset? Participating in Demand Response enables facilities like yours to be paid for being on standby and curtailing usage during periods of peak demand or high electricity prices. Johnson Controls' EnergyConnect team has helped hundreds of DR participants earn millions of dollars, all while keeping you in control.

USA Today: Universities Paid to Reduce Energy Consumption

Thermal Chicago: Active Load Management with GridConnect integrated demand response helps this industrial facility efficiently provide chilled water to over 100 high-rise buildings

Merchandise Mart: World's largest commercial building supports grid reliability and increases annual cost savings via Integrated Demand Response and Energy Storage

77 West Wacker Drive: Active Load Management strategy and innovative use of on-site equipment with building automation system (BAS) benefits tenants and the grid

Office Campus, Government Buildings - US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
The USDA’s headquarters in Washington DC is a two-building administrative/operations facility with peak load comprising traditional electricity use, powering office equipment, lighting and HVAC. This exemplifies a true "people" story, where USDA successfully used Johnson Controls "inform & motivate" demand response approach. See how 7000+ employees individually reduced their environmental impact while collectively participating as a team to conserve energy and ensure electric grid stability...

Download the Building/Office Campus Case Study

Higher Education, University - Bryn Mawr College
Bryn Mawr engaged with Johnson Controls Integrated Demand Resources four years ago to address its sustainability goals and has saved over $300,000 in energy costs. The Bryn Mawr team chose GridConnect because it opened up easy access to voluntary price-based programs and allowed them to quickly adapt to market rule changes. By providing a clear understanding of load profile and electricity usage patterns as related to campus activities and weather, they could easily identify any wasteful overhead. Learn how this enabled Bryn Mawr to reinvest demand response earnings in energy efficiency projects and other green initiatives…

Download the University Case Study

Agriculture, Cold Storage, Food Processing - Seabrook Brothers
Plant Engineer, Wes Seabrook, works closely with Johnson Controls to make a portion of the facility’s electricity load available for curtailment when prices are right. Utilizing up-to-the-minute market intelligence streamed to the facility via the GridConnect integrated demand response platform, Seabrook decides when to participate based on how much money can be earned by making small adjustments to his production and freezing operations...

Download the Agricultural Case Study

Higher Education, University - Delaware Valley College
With demand response embraced and supported at all levels of the organization, from the office of the President to the Facilities Director and the students, Delaware Valley College has leveraged its success with FlexConnect price-responsive demand to spur innovation and leverage operational savings via funding a wide range of initiatives, enhancements and upgrades to the campus infrastructure, including:     

  • Identifying a way to save approximately $40,000 by reducing storm water infiltration into the campus’s storm drains
  • Saving $10,000 by renegotiating their natural gas contract initially, while expecting to save over $250,000 the following year from more efficient operations

Download the University Case Study 

All companies write checks for energy. Now, yours can cash some, too.

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