Integrated Demand Resources: DR Participation Made Easy

The award-winning GridConnect™ software as a service (SaaS) is the industry’s first Integrated Demand Response technology platform designed to take the complexity out of DR participation.

GridConnect Integrated Demand Response - With GridConnect, you are in full control of your energy savings and DR earnings. Effectively apply the optimal combination of DR strategies that best meets your goals for each of your facilities.

Standby - Earn money for being on standby to temporarily reduce a portion of electric load in response to grid- or utility-initiated curtailment events. Programs have limits on when and how often they can be called. If no events are called you still earn money for being willing to stand by.

Price Response - Voluntarily cut back a portion of electricity use in response to price forecasts from the wholesale electricity market. Only participate if the time and price make good business sense. In addition to the money saved on the electric bill, get paid a premium for the actual energy reduced based on market rates.

Reserves - Receive standby payments for being ready to reduce power on short notice. Although notification is short, the event duration is also short.

Real-time Metering Solutions

Get the most out of GridConnect and other services with our intelligent metering solutions. Our enhanced metering gives you near real-time visibility and analytics of your energy use, providing greater awareness of consumption patterns, more control over your DR participation, and ultimately, increased energy efficiencies and DR earnings.

Integrated Demand Resources

Expect personal attention and operational expertise from Johnson Controls Integrated Demand Resources when creating energy curtailment strategies specific to your business, plus the right tools and data to expand your opportunities for maximizing incentives:

  • Simple enrollment
  • Keep control of your own equipment
  • Seamless software integration: no firewall connection
  • Expert consultation on customized load shedding strategies
  • Integrated Demand Response enables more program options including voluntary curtailment
  • Instant online access to data and smart energy management control
  • Earn Automated Demand Response (AutoDR) incentives from your utility where available
Integrated Demand Resources that save time and earn you money.

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