Introducing GridConnect - Demand Response Made Easier

GridConnect is the first Integrated Demand-Side Management platform to deliver a unified "inform & motivate" approach that takes the complexity out of DR participation. The new dashboard and web-based portal gives you easy access under a single log-in to our proven products for optimized participation and earnings via standby, price-response, and reserves DR programs.

GridConnect Technology Summary - Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful Dashboard: Offers at-a-glance visibility into actionable information about price-based DR opportunities, participation history and other important factors essential for effective energy management.
  • Enhanced Emergency DR Interface: Enables single-screen access to facility-specific Emergency DR parameters and displays near real-time load information during capacity events, giving customers direct visibility about their compliance to load drop commitments.
  • Improved Price-based Scheduling: Price-responsive load management delivers forecasts on estimated market prices, allowing customers to self-schedule and participate in voluntary DR and based on their flexibility.
  • Expanded Reporting Capabilities: Cumulative progressive intelligence and filtering allows users to easily track and report facility-specific historical participation, earnings per event, carbon footprint savings, etc.

Fund Your Energy Future... AND Make a Difference!

Beyond enhanced energy management and cost savings, your participation in DR using GridConnect and other Johnson Controls Integrated Demand Resources delivers many added benefits:

  • Decreases the need for new power generation
  • Reduces your carbon footprint
  • Prevents rolling blackouts and brownouts
  • Improves the reliability and efficiency of the electrical grid
  • Makes environmental stewardship profitable

GridConnect PJM Datasheet (PDF)
GridConnect California Datasheet (PDF)

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